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Fairlight Pantomime Group Welcomes You

Meet Great People And Come Join The Fun

About Us

The Fairlight Pantomime Group was formed in 1978 with the aim of presenting an annual pantomime to bring fun and laughter to everyone everywhere.

We invite stage enthusiasts of all ages to join us whether it be on-stage or back-stage participation, it's entirely up to you.


Maybe you want to dance, you want to sing, perhaps you want to act, with Fairlight Pantomime Group you can do all three if you want to.

We also give you the chance to be the director of a pantomime. You choose the pantomime so that you can bring your dreams to life and show the story exactly how you want others to see it.

You may feel that dancing is something that you want to teach to others, well we can give you the chance to choreograph your own routines to star in the show.

Lighting creator, scenery construction, makeup artist, costume designer, these are all things that you can be a part of when you join in with Fairlight Pantomime Group.

Keep up to date with all that's happening by becoming an on-line member. It's easy, just click our members' tab, enter your email address and join for free. 

If you would like extra's then why not become a noted member. You can do this by just paying £3 per adult (£1 for children under 18) when you come and see our pantomime's. 




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